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 You will see for yourself that Monsoon is a great high energy performing artist. He has toured extensively across the world to include places like Central and South America.

 It is said that the driving force of the reggae band is the drums and bass. Carlton Starliner is a very skilled Jamaican drummer with the real feel.  

The man from Central America. Our Keyboard Player is ito dan. This Belizean is a very Proficient Reggae Musician with a lot of experience under his belt.

The band founder and bass player Mark Mckenzie. He started practicing the bass guitar in the early 90s, and has performed for many reggae singers.

The ifrolix band started in 2014 and has performed for reggae singers to include Everton Blender, Admiral Tibet, Jack Radics, Collin Roach and many more.


A very experience reggae band founded by Jamaican bass player Mark Mckenzie. With a very wide knowledge of the music, Mark is also a DJ.


We also worked with many event planners and have done weddings, corporate functions, birthday parties and other events.

As the weeks goes by we will be bringing on different singers to showcase their talents for you on live stream reggae.

You will get a three piece band with one singer in a live music venue setting. Cameras will be shooting the show from a few different angles.

This online concert is a produced by the ifrolix band and we are looking forward to your support. Thanks for joining us and we hope you enjoy the show.

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The ifrolix band live stream studio

1751c South Dixie Highway #37

Pompano Beach, Florida USA


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