Bassist: Mark Mckenzie

   My Name is Mark Mckenzie, the Bass Player and Founder of ifrolix Band. I started practicing Bass in 1994 in Negril Jamaica.


As a Child growing up in Montego Bay Jamaica, I was exposed to a lot of Sound Systems. I use to be captivated by the sound of the Bass Lines in every Song.


In the decade of the 90s, as a Tourist area, Negril was steaming with Reggae Bands almost every Night of the Week.

I hung out and learnt from some of the best Reggae Musicians in the World. I continued my craft in New York City where the ifrolix Band was formed.

I have done many live music projects throughout the years with several other Musicians, Producers, Promoters and Singers. 

DJ Funtasy: Mark Mckenzie

   I have been Drawn to and Love different Variety of Music since Childhood.


In the early 80s, my first Music Collection came from Taping Songs from the Radio to Cassettes.

Then in the early 90s I Purchased my Stereo System with a Single Turntable and Started my Vinyl Collection.

Over the Years I have done in depth research on Multiple Genres of Music.


To include Reggae, Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, House, Electronic Dance, Disco, Soca, Afro Beats and More.

Fast Forwarding to Today. Mark Mckenzie AKA DJ Funtasy Continues to Bring you the Best Selections for Your Special Event.