DJ funtasy

The best music with lighting and a nice presentation. 


Creative mixes from genres like pop, electronic dance, R&B, hip hop, reggae, soca, afrobeats, rock and much more.

For birthday parties, corporate functions, weddings, baby showers and other events.

  • A professionally dressed DJ.

  • Two towers of moving head disco lights.

  • Four up lights.

  • A very wide variety of music.

  • Feel free to make your song requests.

  • Two cordless mics.

  • Two 15" loud speakers.

  • Two 18" subwoofers.

  • All the equipment needed to get the job done.

DJ funtasy at keedra party 5
DJ funtasy set up with lighting
DJ funtasy mixing console
DJ funtasy at keedra party 4
DJ funtasy speaker set up
DJ funtasy at Keedra Party
DJ funtasy Audience
DJ funtasy Ready to Rock You