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The ifrolix band with DJ service.
Multiple successful projects that we have done.

Ras Lee, Soda Pop and Fabian
with the ifrolix band.

Start enjoying great live reggae and dance hall tunes. Experience the invisible healing powers of roots rocking sounds.

  • Your Favorite Songs Performed Live.

  • Nicely Engineered Sound Quality.

  • Talented Musicians with Years of Experience.

  • Original Songs included.

  • Recorded at the ifrolix studio.

Soda Pop is an American - Bob Marley Inspired Reggae Singer and Guitarist. Ras Lee is a DJ and also a Reggae and Dancehall Singer. Fabian sings your favorite Classic and Modern Reggae Songs.

ito dan




   The ifrolix band performs the best reggae and dance hall music with DJ mixing your favorites during the band breaks. 

    This four piece reggae band plays for all occasions to include weddings, birthdays, corporate events, college functions, backing band for singers and more.

Let us know if you have any preferences in our attire and we will dress to suite the theme of your event.


We carefully hand picked the greatest reggae and dance hall songs to play at your event. Take a look at our setlist, submit your song requests and we will gladly play them for you.

​    Our service includes us coming to your location, set up and provide quality entertainment to rock your party.  Contact us today and we will get started with a simple process.

 Luna with the ifrolix band 

We were called and hired for the Annual Curvy Ventures Pool Party. It was held at the Roadway Inn & Suites in Fort Lauderdale Florida.


The band set up and performed two sets with DJ funtasy mixing Multiple Genres during the Band Breaks.

Luna, the Reggae Singer from Peru South America Sang Classic and Contemporary Songs. On Keyboards Peter Pan, on Drums Carlton Starliner and on Bass Mark Mckenzie.

The show started on time and everyone was happy. The organizer told us that we got the gig again for next year.

Reggae Instrumentals by the ifrolix band

Start Rocking to the best Creative Reggae  and Dance Hall Rhythms.

  • A compilation of old school and modern sounds.

  • Performances by skilled musicians with years of experience.

  • Multiple scenes of capture.

  • The real live music look and feel with stage and lighting.

  • Professionally engineered audio and video quality.

  • The video shooting took place at our own ifrolix studio.

  • We are glad to be able to share what we love to do with you.

The man from Central America. Our Keyboard Player is ito dan. This Belizean is a very Proficient Reggae Musician with a lot of experience under his belt.

 It is said that the driving force of the reggae band is the drums and bass. Carlton Starliner is a very skilled Jamaican drummer with the real feel.  

The band founder and bass player Mark Mckenzie. He started practicing the bass guitar in the early 90s, and has performed for many reggae singers.

We have great band break music. The DJ will mix your favorite selections of pop, electronic dance, reggae, R&B, hip hop, soca or whatever you like. 

I was the bass player for the unlimited force band in new york before I started the ifrolix band.

   My Name is Mark Mckenzie, the Bass Player and Founder of ifrolix Band. I started practicing Bass in 1994 in Negril Jamaica.


As a Child growing up in Montego Bay Jamaica, I was exposed to a lot of Sound Systems. I use to be captivated by the sound of the Bass Lines in every Song.


In the decade of the 90s, as a Tourist area, Negril was steaming with Reggae Bands almost every Night of the Week.

I hung out and learnt from some of the best Reggae Musicians in the World. I continued my craft in New York City where the ifrolix Band was formed.

I have done many live music projects throughout the years with several other Musicians, Producers, Promoters and Singers. This page features some of the wonderful moments that we have captured.

Fathers day link up show flyer

      We were hired as the backing Band for this Event in Port St. Lucie Florida. 

      The Band rehearsed and performed over forty five Songs for Reggae great Singers like Everton Blender, Admiral Tibet, Colin Roach, Izana, Jahmela Blender the Daughter of Everton Blender, Shanty Plus and Hopeton Lindo.

      It was a good turn out of Audiences and a Stellar performance from the Musicians and Singers. Nicky Blaze also did a great job as the Show Host and MC.

      I grew up in Jamaica listening to most of these Singers and it was an honor to be able to perform with them on the same stage.

Fans of the ifrolix band at shuckers

These ladies were enjoying the dance

hall segment at shuckers.

     It was a five Band Audition for the Resident Band position at Shuckers Waterfront Bar & Grill in North Miami. 

     Your guess is right, we won the position of Resident Band to perform every Thursday Evening.


     The ifrolix Band is well known by a large number of Singers. Every Week we gave a different Singer the opportunity to Sing at the Shuckers Gig, to add a different Flavor of Entertainment.

     While we were at Shuckers we meet with Ana Ortega of Radio Miami, a Latin American Radio & TV Station. Mark Mckenzie the Bass Player and Founder of the Band was called in for a Live Exclusive Interview.

The ifrolix band with francisco

Francisco gave us a five star ratings for our performance at his corporate event at the manderin oriental hotel.

      We performed for Francisco and his Friends at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Miami.

It was a Corporate Event that earned us a Five Star Review.


      Francisco requested a special play list of Classic Reggae Songs to be performed by the Band and DJ during the Band breaks.

      All his requests were fulfilled plus a few Latin American Songs from Jose our Cuban Guitarist.

     We promoted a series of band and barbecue events with various reggae singers.

Ifrolix band at chef mom

The ifrolix band at chef mom in

queens village new york.

     Jack Radics is one of Jamaica's most Prominent Singers with many well known hit Songs. 


     Bo-Pee the keyboard player worked with Jack Radics for several years since the 90s in Negril Jamaica. They Toured together in Europe and other parts of the world as Jack's Keyboard player and Music Director.

     On the release of the Singer's new Album "The Watershed" in 2016, we were called in to do the Music Video for his hit single "Love Is". 

The band also performed at chef mom restaurant every Thursday evening. The following video features bola and magano as the singers.

The ifrolix band at a wedding gig in massapequa long island new york

We did a wedding gig in 

massapequa, long island new york.

    This Ensemble of ifrolix Band was formed in 2016. I meet Keyboardist Bo-Pee in Baldwin New York at another Gig that he was playing. I told him that the Band was missing a Keyboard Player and he immediately accepted the position.

    The Drummer Fitzroy Frank worked together with the Guitarist Lee Archibald in the Resident Band on a Caribbean Cruise Line for over ten Years.

    Chris is a Singer that they knew from a previous Band that they use to play in. We all did a few Gigs together successfully including the Christmas Party at a private House in Elizabeth New Jersey.

The ifrolix band at club jouvay

We did a gig at club jouvay on liberty avenue

in queens new york. It was for chok-a-lyme

seventh annual toy drive for the kids.

    I also had the great pleasure of working with two very good Female Reggae Singers Ikaya and Marcia Aitken Among other Artists on a Show we did in Poughkeepsie New York. The Rehearsals was held at John T Studio in Brooklyn New York.

    Chok-A-Lyme hired us to Perform for his third Annual Toy Drive at Club Jouvay in Queens New York.

    I was the Bass Player for the Unlimited Force Band founded by Patrick for Over a Year before I started ifrolix Band in 2014. About a year later I started promoting my own Shows.


Chuck Turner is one of Jamaica's original singers and is a personal friend of mine. We promoted a show with him and various artists at the edge lounge in Queens, New York.

The ifrolix band at shine spot, this is the first

ensemble of the  band in florida. From left:

Singer garfield vibes, bass player mark, 

drummer wayne and keyboard player venemus.

     Now it was March 2017 and I had just moved to Florida from New York. I meet with my first set of Musicians.

     Drummer Wayne and Keyboardist Venemus are former Soldiers and Musicians of the JDF the Jamaican Defense Force. Then I meet Garfield the Singer through another friend.

     We did a few Gigs at Shine Spot in Fort Lauderdale Where we meet Grinds Man among other Florida Singers.

     The word got around that there was a new Band in Town and we started doing the Friday Nights at GOA Lounge in Plantation Florida.