Thursday Evenings At Shucker Waterfront Bar And Grill In North Miami, FL

     It was a five Band Audition for the Resident Band position at Shuckers Waterfront Bar & Grill in North Miami. 

     Your guess is right, we won the position of Resident Band to perform every Thursday Evening.


     The ifrolix Band is well known by a large number of Singers. Every Week we gave a different Singer the opportunity to Sing at the Shuckers Gig, to add a different Flavor of Entertainment.

     While we were at Shuckers we meet with Ana Ortega of Radio Miami, a Latin American Radio & TV Station.


Mark Mckenzie the Bass Player and Founder of the Band was called in for a Live Exclusive Interview.

The ladies having fun at shuckers
Ifrolix Band with Monsoon at Shuckers
Singing Sway with ifrolix band at shuckers.JPG