Rehearsal & Recording Studio

Rehearsal Space Rental for Bands and other Groups to Practice. We can Live Stream your Performances out to your Fans. Or make a Video of your Sessions.


A Live Music Setting with:

  • Two 18" Subwoofers

  • Two 15" Loudspeakers

  • Two Floor Monitors

  • Drum Kit with Mics

  • Bass Amplifier

  • Keyboard Amplifier

  • Guitar Amplifier

  • Two Cordless Mics

  • Two Corded Mics

  • Digital Mixer

  • AC

  • Bathroom

  • Food & Drinks on Sale

The Price for Rehearsal is $100.00 for three Hours with a Sound Engineer to Serve You.

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Audio and Video Recordings for Singers, Rappers, Bands, Poets, Dancers, Comedians, Actors, Actresses and other Performers.

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The Ifrolix Studio has a Live Music Venue feel with a Stage, Lighting, Tables, Chairs and a Bar with Food and Drink Service.


Invite your Fans to come over and support your Live Performance. Seating for twelve People.

Live Stream Reggae Picture

Are you a Singer Looking to Record your Songs with a Band? The Ifrolix Band consist of Experience and knowledgeable Musicians.

Bobby and Dian came in to do a Short Promo Video. To Present to the Promoters of their Upcoming Tour. A Beautiful Impersonation of Neil Diamond and Barbara Streisand.

The Sound of Haiti, Live Kompa or Compa Music by the Disco Ball Band. A Nine Piece Ensemble that does their Rehearsals with us at ifrolix Studio.

The Ifrolix Studio is a Multifunctional Music Room for Live Streaming, Parties, Rehearsals, Karaoke, Live Performances, Audio Recording, Video Recording and More.