Rehearsal Space For Rent

Get all the practice that you need for your upcoming Shows. A Rehearsal Space for Bands, Dancers, Singers, Rappers and other Performers.

This Live Music Setting is ready and equipped with:

  • A Five Piece Drum Kit with Mics

  • A 500 Watt Bass Amp

  • A Keyboard Amp

  • A Guitar Amp

  • 2 18" Subwoofers

  • 2 15" loud Speakers

  • 2 15" Floor Monitors

  • 4 Vocal Mics

  • 4 Vocal Mic Stands

  • A Stage

  • Stage Lighting

  • A Mixer

  • All the Cables Needed

Audio and Video Recording is available for your Rehearsal Session.

Invite your Fans to come over and support you. Seating for 12 people.

We also have a small Bar with Food Service.

Rehearsal Space for Bands in Florida
Video Recording for your Rehearsal
Rehearsal Space for Dancers