Videos Of Previous Events That We Have Done

We were hired as the backing band for the Father's Day link up reggae show.


Held at the Polish American Social Club in Port St. Lucie, Florida.


We rehearsed and performed over 45 songs.


For reggae great singers like Everton Blender, Admiral Tibet, Collin Roach, Hopeton Lindo and more.

We promoted a series of band and barbecue events with various reggae singers.


Thursday nights use to be our reggae night at the ifrolix lounge.


Where we served great food straight off the grill.


Every week we had different singers that performed on our open mic session.

 It was a five Band Audition for the Resident Band position at Shuckers Waterfront Bar & Grill in North Miami. 

Your guess is right, we won the position of Resident Band to perform every Thursday Evening.


The ifrolix Band is well known by a large number of Singers. 


Every Week we gave a different Singer the opportunity to Sing at the Shuckers Gigs.   

Now it was March 2017 and I had just moved to Florida from New York. I meet with my first set of Musicians.

     Drummer Wayne and Keyboardist Venemus are former Soldiers and Musicians of the JDF the Jamaican Defense Force. Then I meet Garfield the Singer through another friend.

     The word got around that there was a new Band in Town. We started doing the Friday Nights at GOA Lounge in Plantation Florida.

Reggae singer Jack Radics hired the ifrolix band for the video shooting of his new album. This picture was taken in Manhattan, New York City. 

We did a series of Private House Parties:

- A Bachelorette Party in East Hampton, NY.

- A Penthouse Party on the 22nd floor in Manhattan, NY.

- A Christmas Party in Elizabeth, NY

- A Back Yard Wedding in Massapequa, NY.

And More.

Chef Mom Restaurant was our Thursday night gig in Queens Village, NY. 

This ensemble was Drummer Fitzroy Frank, Bass Player Mark, Keyboard Player Bopee and Singer Chris. Guitarist Lee Archibald Joined us a couple weeks after we started

As the weeks goes by we had other singers that performed. They included Bola and Magano

The ifrolix band started in Queens New York in 2014.

This picture was taken at Club Jouvay in Queens, NY. At Choka Lyme's Christmas Toy Drive Event.

Musicians from left to right: Elijah Rock, Fitzroy Frank, Paul Zuniga, Lee Archibald and Mark Mckenzie.


Chuck Turner is one of Jamaica's original singers and is a personal friend of mine.


The following video features him and various singers at the edge lounge in queens new york.

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The ifrolix band live stream studio

1751c South Dixie Highway #37

Pompano Beach, Florida USA


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